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We can all admit to loving top quality food and an evening out at an award winning restaurant is sure to tickle any food lover’s taste buds. Serving traditional Australian dishes with a fine dining twist, here at Tukka you are assured of the highest quality food sourced from the stunning local area. We are proud of being recognised as one of the finest restaurants Brisbane and are continually updating our menu with stunning new food creations to ensure we stay in pole position.

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The Queensland Bushfood Association

The Queensland Bushfood Association exists as a collective of bushfood enthusiasts, restaurant proprietors and food devotees drawn from a diverse range of fields. This collection of bush “foodies” share their individual knowledge of this common interest, enriching each others by exchanging the fruits of their experience and learning.

Rydges South Bank Hotel – Emily Noakes

We have been sending a few guests over to you, and everyone of them that comes back cannot stop raving over the great food, wine and service…One of my senior staff members went last week and said it was one of the best restaurants he has been to, so well done!

Emily Noakes (2006), Lobby Manager, Rydges South Bank Hotel

Customer Testimonials

Myself, and our hotel guests cannot fault the service or the quality at your fine establishment. They [the team] all should be very proud to work in one of the best, if not the best restaurant in Brisbane.

Shannon Oxenbridge (2006), Front Office Manager, The Sebel, Brisbane

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