Authentic Australian Restaurant in Brisbane

When you go out for a meal, alongside the quality of food, the surroundings also play a large role in your overall enjoyment of the evening. If you feel comfortable and relaxed in any one of the many restaurants Brisbane you may find yourself in, there is more chance of having a pleasurable dining experience from start to finish. By recognising this, at Tukka we strive to serve stunning Australian dishes within authentic and traditional surroundings to create an unforgettable fine dining experience.

As soon as you walk through the doors you can expect to be met by a friendly, smiling member of staff who will direct you to your table before offering you the opportunity to purchase a drink from our extensive selection. It is this high level of service that has seen us win awards and become recognised as one of the leading restaurants to offer fine dining cuisine in Brisbane and Australia as a whole.

We are proud of our Australian heritage and try to portray this through the array of food we have to offer.  From the Australian delicacy of crocodile fillet for a starter through to a main of seared kangaroo fillet and a desert of seasonal fruit minestrone to finish, you are assured of receiving a taste of authentic Australia when dining here at Tukka.

A commitment to regularly updating our menus alongside finding new and exciting ways to create deliciously tasting food results in a different experience each and every time you visit. With platters to share in addition to tastes and flavour in dishes you may have tried before, a visit to our restaurant can give you a new outlook on how Australian food can be cooked.

As one of the leading authentic restaurants Brisbane, we give you access to an entirely unique menu created from some of the most traditional ingredients available in Australia. To enjoy a relaxing evening out with the highest levels of customer service and a selection of the finest dishes all under one roof, book a table here at Tukka today.

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