Authentic Australian Restaurant in Brisbane

When you go out for a meal, alongside the quality of food, the surroundings also play a large role in your overall enjoyment of the evening. If you feel comfortable and relaxed in any one of the many restaurants Brisbane you may find yourself in, there is more chance of having a pleasurable dining experience from start to finish. By recognising this, at Tukka we strive to serve stunning Australian dishes within authentic and traditional surroundings to create an unforgettable fine dining experience. Continue reading

Award Winning Restaurants in Brisbane

We can all admit to loving top quality food and an evening out at an award winning restaurant is sure to tickle any food lover’s taste buds. Serving traditional Australian dishes with a fine dining twist, here at Tukka you are assured of the highest quality food sourced from the stunning local area. We are proud of being recognised as one of the finest restaurants Brisbane and are continually updating our menu with stunning new food creations to ensure we stay in pole position.

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