Position Vacant – Sous Chef

Owner and Executive chef Bryant Wells was once a diner at Tukka restaurant when he casually asked the maitre de if there was a chef vacancy because he loved the concept, presentation and flavour behind the native inspired dishes.
By amazing fortune or by fate, there was and he started a month later. After 2 years, the position delevoped into Head Chef and fate again dealt him the hand of becoming Tukka’s owner. True story !

Week after week, chefs from all over come to try Tukka’s unique combination of flavours in a fine dining setting, perhaps here is your chance to make your dreams come true.

Tukka is currently taking enquiries for a Sous Chef position in our kitchen team.
As Tukka’s popularity grows and our catering and large function bookings are escalating, we require an enthusiastic chef with a thirst to learn about native cuisine.

Position – Sous Chef

Send a resume, cover letter and references to bryant@tukkarestaurant.com.au today.

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