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Welcome to Tukka Restaurant

Tukka Restaurant continues to delight your taste buds. You'll be discovering one of West End's specialised restaurants for native ingredients, which turns native Australian food into an internationally recognised gourmet cuisine.

In our Brisbane Restaurant, you will taste the best regional and Australian produce and you're supporting local farmers. We incorporate the freshest ingredients from our bountiful countryside, oceans, bays, even our own garden and combine them with native herbs, spices and berries to produce a true taste of Australia. If you want something really special, try our five or eight course degustation tasting menus with exquisitely matched wines.

Searching for the Best Restaurants in Town?

Look no further than Tukka.  Based in West End, the restaurants menu boasts ingredients from Australia's bountiful countryside, oceans and bays, and combines them with native herbs, spices and berries to produce a true taste of Australia. Our team is passionate about showcasing Advanced Australian Fare to lovers of fine food at home and from across the world. There's no wonder why we have developed a reputation as one of the best restaurants in Brisbane.

We are passionate about providing a world-class dining experience and developing Australian cuisine. Tukka Restaurant is dedicated to innovation and remains at the forefront of this culinary advancement.

Advanced Australian Fare.

Bryant Wells - Head Cheff

Bryant Wells.

Latest Recepies

Looking for menu inspiration for your own creations?

Looking for menu inspiration for your own creations?

Take a look at our latest recipes from our current menu. Be sure to have a look in our recipe archives for some of our past creations and our favourite dishes.

The aim of this section is to share our knowledge with you. Use these recipes to experiment with Advanced Australian Fare in your own kitchen and enjoy these wonderful flavours at home.

Tukka are an award-winning restaurant and would like to pass on a few of their secrets, which has made Tukka one of Brisbane's top restaurants

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Tukka aims to be at the forefront of Modern Australian Cuisine, creating innovative international dishes celebrating the flavours of Australia's native ingredients.

Tukka's presence has grown rapidly throughout Brisbane's fine dining fraternity. Competitors in restaurant precincts like West End and South Bank are well aware of Tukkas success. In recognition of the support we continue to receive from our suppliers and customers, we have put together our own list of recommendations.

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