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Fine Dining In Brisbane

Tukka's kitchen garden is an area to learn more about native Australian foods and to purchase gifts and ingredients.

You can pick straight from our garden and learn how you can cook at home with items from your own native backyard.

We offer this range by bringing a large number of Australian producers together into one place.

Dining With Tukka's Kitchen Garden

West End Seasonal Findings

With a fascinating variety of Australian native garden plants Tukka's garden supplies the kitchen with seasonal fruit and vegetables, with garden beds designed around our seasonal menus. We have over 15 native plants and every plant in our garden is usable in some form of cooking be it the leaves, roots or fruit.

Offering not only a beautiful, tranquil environment to enjoy a pre lunch or dinner cocktail or function canapé our garden also provides a great opportunity to touch and smell the remarkable selection, enhancing your dining experience.

Fine Dining Experience

The Kitchen Garden makes available some superb ingredients for a fine dining experience. Brisbane's Tukka Restaurant offers Modern Australian Cuisine at its finest, serving fresh, delicious native foods straight from its own garden. This West End dining venue brings the charisma of South Bank and native Australia together to reveal meticulously prepared and beautifully presented meals; for an outstanding dining experience.

Enjoy a fine dining experience in a Brisbane restaurant, which accommodates every Australian taste for every occasion.

We are creative and innovative in everything we do. We revel in the challenge of taking the path less travelled, of embracing change and growing as a result. We have a unique concept that delivers a quality product, leads the market and exceeds the expectations of our customers to continue being one of Brisbane's best restaurants.

We are loyal and honest amongst Brisbane's restaurants and we support one another within our 'family' network.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Whats In The Garden Now?

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