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As another glorious Australian Summer rolls on, many locals continue to take advantage of the unique conditions that the weather provides. The days are longer, strangers on the street seem happier and everybody seems to be out and about, enjoying their weekends and free time. It is truly an amazing environment to be in, so there is no wonder why people love to get out of the house and take it all in. If you are running short on ideas of what your next summer adventure might be, why not check out some of the famous restaurants Brisbane, such as our renowned Tukka Restaurant.

Tukka Restaurant, based in West End, has built a strong reputation over the years due to our exceptional modern Australian cuisine. Both consumers and critics alike have praised Tukka and the exquisite modern dining on offer, which has resulted in our team receiving both National and International awards and acclaim. Some of our more recent achievements include receiving the 2011 and 2012 Chef Hat from the Australian Good Food Guide, being a 2010 Contemporary Australian Dining Finalist and a 2010 Speciality Restaurant Finalist.

In our Restaurant you will be treated to the best local Australian produce, which incorporates the freshest ingredients from all corners of our diverse nation. We create some truly unique flavours using herbs, spices, berries, fruits, seafood and meats. Some of these ingredients are even grown in-house, as our Restaurant features the ever so popular Kitchen Garden. The kitchen garden is a unique attraction to Tukka, as customers are able to see some of the fresh food that they are about to eat grown in front of their eyes. Tukka also holds garden cooking classes, where Executive Chef Bryant Wells and Queensland food garden expert Linda Brennan will teach you how to produce award winning dishes right out of your own kitchen.

Tukka Restaurant has been flourishing in the Brisbane community for over 8 years, and has become one of Australia’s dining icons. If you are looking for your next summer outing and would like to visit one of the famous restaurants Brisbane, simply contact Tukka today on (07) 3846 6333.

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