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Native BBQ Packs

Coat of Arms Pack 4 serves $ 35
4 kangaroo steaks, 4 spiced emu patties, 4 stockman rolls, condiments and burger fillings including bush chutney and a side of lillypilly macadamia nut salad
Kebab Pack 4 serves $ 35
4 marinated kangaroo skewers, 4 crocodile skewers, 4 dinner rolls, bush tomato spiced kipfler potatoes and a side of lillypilly macadamia nut salad
Damper Pack 4 serves $ 15
4 mini native flavoured dampers, macadamia nut oil, bush chutney and a 100g packet of native dukkah (Tukka blend)


Lilly Pilly 500ml $ 6.00
Desert Lime 500ml $ 6.00
Quangong 500ml $ 6.00
Other flavours subject to availability: Lemon myrtle, Goats cheese, Beetroot, White balsamic, Red-wine poached pear, Pineapple/Anisata, Watermelon/Native mint

Glacé Native Fruits

Glacé Lilly pilly 250g $ 14.50
A small native berry, tart when raw, but sweetened by the glacé method in house, these lovely little berries are delicious in salads, desserts, even drinks. Try them in cookies.
Glacé Desert Limes 250g $ 12.00
This berry sized, sour citrus fruit has a similar flavor to marmalade when sweetened by the glacé method. Serve with cheeses, in sauces for fish or try them puréed as a jam alternative.
Glacé Quandongs 250g $ 17.50
This stone fruit, only the size of a lychee has a the thin layer of flesh which we glacé in house. Savoury: A suace for red meat or in a chutney.  Sweet: Try in baked desserts or served with cheeses.

Ground Leaves, Seeds and Fruit

Ground Lemon Myrtle Leaves 50g $ 5.50
Strong lemon scent, the flavour derives from the essential oils within the whole plant.Use as a rub for fish or add a punch of flavour to chicken stuffing or damper.
Ground Aniseed Myrtle Leaves 50g $ 6.00
An earthy alternative to aniseed, but not as sweet as liquorice.Can be used in sauces for fish or a rub for rich red meat.
Ground Peppermint Gum Leaves 50g $ 6.50
A fairly strong peppermint/eucalyptus flavour.Infuse it to flavour tea or to flavour cream in desserts or sauces. Try it in pannacotta.
Ground Strawberry Gum Leaves (Olida) 50g $ 6.50
A mild strawberry/eucalyptus flavour, with strawberry aroma.Use to flavour sweet breads or scones. We use it to cure our crocodile meat.
Ground Mountain Pepperleaf 50g $ 6.50
A sharper alternative to everyday pepper, with earthy overtones.
Ground roasted Wattleseeds 50g $ 6.00
A beautiful nutty, mild coffee flavour. Can be mixed with regular coffee for a flavour boost. Delicious used to flavour chocolate, cheesecake or meringue.
Ground Native Thyme (Cutleaf mint) 50g $ 6.00
Not like traditional thyme, this has a complex flavour based on mint.Try it as a baked potato spice, a red meat rub or BBQ marinade.
Ground Bush Tomato 50g $ 6.50
With a mild, zesty flavour, this is perfect for seafood rubs, salad dressing flavouring, dampers and BBQ marinades.

Spice Mixes and Dried Berries

Dukkah 100g $ 8.00
Tukka’s own native nut and spice mix, use to dip oiled bread into or as a meat crust.Lemon myrtle, Bush tomato, Mountain pepperleaf, sesame seeds, macadamia nuts and almond meal.
Whole dried Mountain Pepperberries 50g $ 9.00
A mild, fruity pepper flavour. Use as an alterative to whole peppercorns in your peppermill. Can also be ground and used in icecream for something different.

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