Bryant Wells – Head Chef/ Owner

Bryant has worked in kitchens since he was 12 years old. He traveled around two-thirds of Australia and worked in exotic tourist locations including Ayer’s Rock (longitude 131 and Sails in the Desert Hotel) for two years.

Bryant Wells - Head Chef/ Owner

Bryant Wells - Head Chef/ Owner

He also worked in the ski fields in Thredbo for some time. Bryant met his wife while working at Ayer’s Rock and has now settled in Queensland. He loves to learn new flavours and help up-coming chefs by sharing what he has learnt in his time in some of the busiest restaurants in Australia.

Outside Tukka, Bryant has a serious passion for landscape photography which he is hoping to integrate with his passion for food. You will soon see some of his captured immages around the restaurant. Bryant’s mission for the future is to master the art of fine dessert making and he will continue to enjoy the fast-paced adrenaline career of a chef.

We quoted Bryant as saying recently:

“I think I would be bored doing anything else. There is nothing like a fast-paced night where everything goes at 100 miles an hour and at the end your customers leave with a large smile on their face having enjoyed something you have created with your own hands.”

What do you love most about being part of Tukka?

“My wife and I wanted to dine at Tukka for a long time. I finally took the full native food plunge and as soon as I took the first taste of our appetizer I thought “I can’t wait for my next course”. I knew that this was where I wanted to learn. That is what it is all about for me: if your customers are craving for the next course then you are doing something right. When I heard that there would be soon a position available I chased it so I could learn a whole range of new flavours. I found a world class chef in Stéphane and haven’t looked back.”

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