Monthly Native High Tea

Tukka’s ever changing Native High Tea is served on the last Sunday of the month.

This is but a sample of our 2012 mothers day platter to give you an idea of what you may find on your platter: Lemon myrtle pumpkin scones with rosella jam and chantilly cream, Profiteroles filled with white chocolate and pepperberry, Quandong fairy cakes, dark chocolate macaroons filled with davidson plum jam and 3 types of finger sandwiches -Anisata salmon gravlax, goats curd and lillputs,- Bush tomato relish and kangaroo and – cucumber and pepperberry.

Via bookings only we will be serving at 10.30pm

For $35 pp, enjoy three tiers of savoury and sweet treats with Tukka’s signature native twist with a choice of beverage from a refreashing native sorbet iced tea, hot brewed tea from our selection or for $5 have a glass of sparking wine.

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